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Why Your IPhone Battery Is Draining Fast

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We are living in the world of technology, where things we could not even imagine doing hundreds of years ago now can be done simply through in a few seconds, like sending a text to someone or video calling a person oceans apart. The world is rapidly evolving and new smartphones with innovative and unique features are coming out. However, most people face a common problem with their iPhones and other smartphones and that is the issue of charging. If you have been wondering why your phone have been getting discharged so quickly and showing charging issues, the reason may not be your battery or the usb wall socket in Australia you are using, it may just be your charger which is causing issues. Most people who are not familiar with technology may not know that how direly using the wrong charger can affect your phones battery so in order to eliminate the charging issue before replacing your battery you may want to consider changing the charger. If you are questioning why that is the case and all chargers have the same purpose, which is to charge the phone, then here are some reasons why the wrong charger may be the reason for your phone discharging so quickly. 

Charger Amperage 
When you are purchasing a charger it is important to keep in mind the amperage it provides and how much amperage does your phone supports and requires to be charged properly, most people do not know this and thus they purchase any charger which the seller shows them, Using chargers with insufficient amperage does not only cause your battery to be drained quickly but also makes your phone charge slow and may be the reason to lower your batteries life span. 

Use Branded Accessories 
When your phone is manufactured there are a variety of things that are kept in mind and the chargers are made accordingly, so if you own a iPhone then it would be preferred that you and the charger which was specially made for your phone, Not only does it make sure your phone charges properly but also provides the perfect amperage it needs to keep your battery safe. 

Keeping it on Charging 
This may not be expected by most people but keeping the phone on charging even after it has reached 100% may also be the reason your battery may not be giving optimal performance, doing that for prolonged period of times is harmful for your battery because the charger continuously provides your phone small trickle of energy to ensure it remains 100%. Battery issues are common in phones whether it is due to using the wrong chargers or inefficient USB wall socket, So if you have been facing charging issues then GOLINX has got you covered with their wide range of phone products, So you can buy apple accessories for your iPhone. Whether you are in need of   a genuine charger, phone case or anything that you require so your phone provides optimal performance and you do not have to face the issues of low battery at the middle of your day.