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Best And Secure Personalized Authentication Types

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Remember the days when we had to carry an identification card whenever we enter a building? Well, those days are long gone. With modern technology, now it is required to carry something that can be used not only to identify ourselves, but also to identify our job roles, social status and a lot more information about us. Especially if you are entering a “high security zone”, you need to have relevant authorization in order to proceed further. Today, these identification procedures have become more personalized and computers recognize us by our own metrics such as our finger print, facial recognition etc. Followings are the most common and famous types of authentication methods.

Facial recognition

This is one of the most common metrics recognitions out there in world and it has a very high efficiency. First step of this were the HID access control readers. Technology used in these systems is complex and they use from basic geometric recognition to identifying complex and advanced points on anyone’s face. Most of these systems are implemented in military facilities but with today’s security trends, these are used in software development companies as well. They use three types of advanced mathematical approaches to process and they are highly accurate. You can find this type of authentication systems especially in high tech facilities.

Palm recognition

We saw these systems first in movies and now they have become a reality. They have the same working procedure as fingerprint recognition systems but a little advanced and also, very accurate. This has become possible because each and every palm has a different ridge pattern and this systems can identify people by measuring different patterns and ridge splitting. All these data is stored in large servers with databases. They have a lower cost in implementing when compared to facial recognition and they are ideal for health facilities as well as military facilities.

Fingerprint recognition

This are the most common authentication systems. These systems hold the first position when it comes to biometric readers are reliable and cost-effective, arguably. As many of us already know, each and every fingerprint is different from the other and these systems has successfully exploited that concept. However, when compared to other recognition methods mentioned above, fingerprint recognition has a few errors. Despite that, this has become the most common and famous reader when it comes to authentication systems. They have a very low installation cost when compare to other systems as well.There are other personnel recognition systems including, but not limited to, speaker recognition, iris recognitions etc. and they are used in highly secured facilities. If you are looking for a system to be implemented in your company, these topics will get you started.